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Vacation and the Importance of Sleep Posture

Every year we take at least one vacation to get away from the oppressive Florida summer heat and humidity.  This year, we went to Maine and Montreal, Canada.  Other than a few days of very warm temperatures, most days were breezy and the mornings cool.  Summer days in these vacation spots are also distinguished by the arrival of early morning light at 4 am and the extended length of daylight hours.  While both the above average warmth and the early light did interfere with some of my sleep, pillows were the bigger culprit of sleep deprivation on this trip.  This inspired me to share with you the importance of sleep posture and tips I have for you to improve your sleep.

Pillows are an important part of finding a healthy sleep posture.  You never know what type of pillow you are going to be provided when you stay in a hotel, a lakefront Home Away residence, or an Airbnb apartment.  It is hard enough to find a pillow that is consistently comfortable at home, let alone find one that is comfortable in a temporary residence.  The pillows at our accommodations this year were particularly awful.  The lakefront home offered two different pillows which contrastingly offered maximal lift or no support.  One pillow raised my head to a 45* angle due to its size and firmness.  This set off a particularly uncomfortable migraine/neck ache.  The other pillow had no support and allowed my head to press down through the “cushioning”, easily coming to rest on the mattress of the bed.   Our Airbnb Montreal apartment had pillows with the density of a futon.  Rather than tilting our head forward into a 45* angle, they lifted the entire head into a forward translated position (imagine protracting your head forward so it is in front of your body).  These pillows were so awful, that I resorted to sleeping with my airplane cushion on a folded up towel (better but not by much).

Sleep Posture Education Series

In light of these experiences, I wanted to provide you with some information on sleep posture.  Most people are concerned about their posture when sitting at the computer, driving a car, standing, or when watching TV.  Rarely do you hear people talk about the 6-8 hours we spend every day sleeping in bed and the impact of that posture on our bodies.  Over the coming weeks, I will be writing several blog entries discussing a variety of sleep positioning issues:

1. Stomach sleeping
3. Side and Back sleeping
4. Bedding options
5. Watching TV in bed

It is my hope that you will find this information on sleep posture useful and sleep better as a result of reading through these blog entries.  I hope that you are also finding time in your life to recharge your soul, connect with family and friends, and enjoy many of the wonderful places that exist in our world.

Have a great summer!  Live large and stay healthy!

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