Private Pilates Classes

Virtual and Studio Appointments in Jupiter, Florida

Private Pilates One-on-One Classes

Private Pilates is a 30-minute or 60-minute session with one Pilates instructor and you!

For the Beginner: Private Pilates sessions are a terrific opportunity for you to get accustomed to the variety of equipment, exercises, and cuing that makes Pilates special.   Private sessions also provide your instructor to recognize the limits of your abilities as they customize and design your program to your needs.  If you are considering joining our group Pilates classes, generally speaking, we recommend you start with at least 2-3 private Pilates sessions to receive a solid introduction to Pilates.

Consider our 50% discounted 3-Pack of Private Classes for $249 to allow our Master Instructor, Bonnie Hubscher, to help you transition to the right class.

For the Experienced Pilates enthusiast: Advanced individuals can hone form and technique while developing core strength throughout the body.  Our instructors utilize the Pilates Reformer/Tower, Cadillac, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, and Chair in addition to a variety of Pilates props to keep your sessions unique and varied while avoiding boredom.

For Individuals with Medical Conditions:  Our Pilates instructors work alongside our four physical therapists trained in Pilates for rehabilitation.  Our Pilates instructors consult regularly with our physical therapists to modify exercises as needed for conditions such as hip replacements, spinal fusions, rotator cuff injuries, osteoporosis, and other conditions.  Private Pilates at Synergy Health & Wellness is unique in being able to provide clients with a Pilates program that is modified to your specific medical needs.  If you have medical conditions that may impact your ability to exercise, we strongly recommend you schedule an appointment with one of our physical therapists trained in Pilates as your entryway into a Pilates program.

Private Pilates Appointment Pricing
Pilates Success Stories

World Class Polo Player

Having been a former professional beach volleyball player and now starting a career in polo and horseback riding, I know the importance of cross-training and strengthening to help maintain health and alignment in the body.  After years of searching for a healthy form of cross-training to my athletic endeavors, I finally took my first private Pilates class with Bonnie.  Immediately following this class, I thought, “Where have Bonnie and Pilates been all of my life?”  As I have continued to work with her, I have noticed that my polo game has improved significantly.  Additionally, my balance and stability when training and riding polo ponies has strengthened and I feel more as one with each horse as I travel up and down the field at 35 mph.  Bonnie is a true master with body and exercise mechanics and her breadth of knowledge in various athletic disciplines allows her to cater each exercise for each client’s needs.  Her ability to guide you through each movement is unparalleled to any body mechanics worker or athletic trainer I have worked with.  I feel truly grateful for every session I get to spend with Bonnie and I know my bones and muscles are also thankful. – MG

Championship Diver

What can Pilates do for you?? A 12-year old was advised by her diving coaches to incorporate Pilates into her workout regimen. They thought it would improve her flexibility and the control of that new found flexibility.  She came to us two months ago and started working with Bonnie Hubscher. Here is the culmination of all of her hard work……….Gold Medal in the Lone Star State!!!  Keep working hard and we know you’ll achieve your Olympic dreams!

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