Prescription Forms for Medical Referral to Physical Therapy

State of Florida Requirements to be seen by a Physical Therapist

There are two different requirements for seeing a physical therapist in the state of Florida.  One requirement comes from state regulatory statutes and the other is from your insurance.

In the state of Florida, physical therapists can treat all patients with direct access for the first 30 days.  After that time, there must be evidence that patients are being followed by a physician within the state of Florida.  If you are paying privately for physical therapy services, you can come to us without a referral.

Insurance Requirement to be seen by a Physical Therapist

Insurances typically require their beneficiaries to receive a prescription or referral to physical therapy before a physical therapy program can be commenced.  If you do not have a prescription for physical therapy, they will not pay for the services you receive in our office and you will have to pay today for the services you receive.

Prescription Forms

We have included this page for the benefit of doctors, nurses, physician assistants, and physician extenders.  We will accept prescription forms that are on our forms or on forms used by the office of the referral source.

Not all insurances require a prescription to receive physical therapy or occupational therapy, however, we do like to have a prescription on file so that we can substantiate the medical necessity of our services when they are reviewed by your insurance.

Doctors and Doctor Office, please click on this link to print out a prescription that you can use for your patients.

Thank you for your referral!

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