Physical Therapy and Pilates

Physical Therapists Certified in Pilates for Rehabilitation

Physical Therapy and Pilates

Pilates is a natural fit for Physical Therapy.   Physical Therapy and Pilates both focus on postural alignment, efficient movement, physical strengthening, whole body conditioning, improved sports performance, and recovery from injury.  Physical Therapy is a great way to get introduced to Pilates for the treatment of many conditions including spine injuries, osteoporosis, sports injuries, rotator cuff injuries and joint replacements.

The word Pilates often has a great deal of mystery similar to the many terms you learn about when you dive into a Pilates workout.  Our Pilates studio equipment features the cadillac, reformer/tower, chair, ladder barrel, spine corrector, and core align.  Under the guidance of our Doctors of Physical Therapy, you will be taken through a variety of safe exercises that match your current abilities and advance you toward a return to your optimal self.

Can I do Pilates?

This question is often followed by “if I have ____________?”:

The short answer to this question, “It depends”.  Your safety is our primary concern.  Our Doctors of Physical Therapy perform a thorough medical screening, evaluation of your musculoskeletal and neurological systems, and help you fully understand your medical diagnosis.  In most cases, Synergy Physical Therapists will modify Pilates-based exercises through a variety of means.  Our therapists can simplify or intensify your workout with the addition/removal of assistance or the addition/removal of resistance.  Protection for the spine can be accomplished by the use of proper positioning of the pelvis.  We often refer to this as using a neutral spine, an imprinted or flexed spine, or extended spine.  Lastly, Pilates is an exercise method with over 500 different exercises and variations.  Each exercise can be modified, which allows us to create a spectrum of very easy to progressively harder variations meet your physical ability.

Meet the talented Pilates-trained  Physical Therapists at Synergy

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