Myokinesthetic System

Myokinesthetic System Comes to Synergy

This past March, the entire physical and occupational therapy staff of Synergy Health and Wellness enhanced their treatment knowledge by attending a 3-day comprehensive course on the Myokinesthetic System (MYK). The MYK system is a novel intervention strategy developed by Dr. Michael Uriarte, a chiropractor based in Shawnee, Kansas.  Although the technique was developed by a chiropractor, at not time do we manipulate or “pop” bones.  All manual therapy work is performed on the muscles. The MYK system treats postural imbalances and compensations using very specific manual therapy techniques.  Nociceptors are nerve fibers that carry signals of pain to the brain.  MYK theorectically decreases and clears nerve nociceptor firing that occurs as a result of joint or tissue movement restrictions.  The goal of MYK is to create bilateral postural balance by treating the neuromuscular system along a specific nerve root, which leads to more functional and pain-free movements.  In treating specific muscles along the nerve root and balancing posture, it has been observed that patients can experience a decrease in muscle spasms and increased range of motion.

Treatment using the MYK system is very gentle.  Our physical and occupational therapists begin by performing a unique postural examination that identifies a specific nerve root level as the source of the problem.   Once identified, our clinician treats the patient by performing a massage technique over muscles associated with that specific nerve root.  During the treatment, the therapist moves the joint passively while massaging the involved muscles and then instructs the patient to move the joint actively while continuing to massage the same muscles.  We’re looking for the nerve endings within the muscles to send a signal to the brain that say’s “there’s a change happening here”.  The brain receives this information and makes changes to the body.  This means that by working on the “cause” pathway, the brain automatically fixes the “compensation” pathway.

What makes the Myokinesthetic System an awesome treatment?

  • There are no oils, creams or other lubricants used during the treatment
  • Clients remain fully dressed.  You should wear comfortable clothing that you can move freely in as you may have to change positions (sidelying, stomach, on back or sitting) during the session in order to reach all the muscles.
  • MYK works to get rid of your specific complaint
  • Short therapy sessions. It takes 15-30 minutes for a treatment session.
  • Results are usually seen in 1-3 sessions.   Improvement depends on the chronicity and severity of the problem.  If the pain/symptoms have been going on for 2 years or less, then 6-8 treatments is recommended starting at twice a week.  Sometimes you may need less treatments, sometimes more (for more chronic conditions).   The goal is to be as pain free as possible, restore range of motion and improve posture.
  • Little or no pain is experienced when receiving an MYK treatment.  If there is a movement that is painful then that particular movement pattern will only be done actively keeping you within your comfort level.

What Conditions May Benefit from use of the Myokinesthetic System?

We are using the MYK system to treat a variety of conditions including

Neck Pain
Low Back Pain
Tennis Elbow and Carpal Tunnel
Frozen Shoulder
Plantar Fasciitis and Achilles Tendonitis
Shin Splints
Acid Reflux

The MYK system was developed about 20 years ago.  Although research on MYK is limited, more information can be found at this link: Published Articles.  In addition, videos demonstrating some of the MYK techniques used in a treatment can be found at:
MYK Videos.

Treatment using the MYK at Synergy Health and Wellness is not covered by insurance.  Please call our office to learn more about what this treatment may be able to do for you and how much a session costs.

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