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Group Pilates Classes

Group Classes Featuring Personalized Instruction on the Reformer, Tower, Cadillac, Chair, and Ladder Barrel
Group Pilates Classes

Why Should I Join a Group Pilates Class?

Group Pilates classes at Align and Define are a great way to meet new friends, exercise economically, strengthen your core, and transform your body.  Our studio offers a friendly, warm environment together with 30+ years of Pilates training to provide an experience unlike many gym-based Pilates programs that focus only on mat Pilates.  By comparison, our studio offers a full complement of Pilates equipment, which includes the reformer/tower, cadillac, ladder barrel, chair, and spine corrector.  We also use a variety of Pilates props create classes that are always unique, thereby avoiding the boredom that can occur with other forms of exercise.

What makes Align and Define distinctive from other Pilates studios?

Most importantly, our Pilates studio functions alongside our physical therapy services, which feature four physical therapists trained in using Pilates for rehabilitation.  This is perhaps the most important distinction we offer as a Pilates studio.  Not only can we provide you with a great Pilates experience, but also we can modify the exercises for any medical conditions you have to provide a safe experience.  Do you know that if you have osteoporosis, you should be avoiding movements of side-bending and flexing the spine?  If you have spinal stenosis, do you understand why prolonged standing and walking typically aggravate your symptoms?  What Pilates exercises can you perform safely if you are pregnant?  We know the answers to these questions and more.   Ultimately, when deciding to pursue a Pilates exercise program, the choice is a simple one.  Our Pilates instructors provide you with the safest Pilates experience in Palm Beach county.

Group Pilates Class Schedule

Group Pilates Class Schedule for Align and Define Pilates

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