Core Stix: A New Training Option at Synergy

Synergy Health and Wellness is committed to providing our clients with access to state of the art equipment to achieve their goals.  As a complement to our Align and Define Pilates Studio and the AlterG body weight reduction Treadmill, we recently acquired the Core Stix system.  Core Stix was originally created for world-class athletes and has since evolved into the most versatile fitness product available for building usable strength. Now everyone, from professional trainers to physical therapists are seeing the benefits of the Core Stix system to deliver usable strength to their clients. Using Core Stix means having core power.

Maximize Your Current Training Regimen

When you can make a direct correlation between your workout movements and the same performance motions you make on the field, in the ring or on the court, you realize that you are developing more than just strength.  You are developing core power.  No one has ever shot a puck, taken a three-pointer or thrown a touchdown lying down, so why are so many core exercises done with your back on the ground or in a seated position?

Usable strength comes from your ability to directly tie your training motions to real-life performance movements, which means you need to train standing up to get optimal results.  Applying the same principals of upright functional training to healing and recovery, our Doctors of Physical Therapy and clients have started incorporating Core Stix into their routines in order to provide a safe and stable way to build usable strength.

Functional Exercise for both Athletes and the Elderly

The best aspect of the Core Stix is the versatility it offers our staff and clients.  Extremely high level individuals that engage in professional golf, hockey, boxing, and baseball will find it as useful as individuals who have experienced stroke, Parkinson’s disease, back pain, multiple sclerosis, or those that are wheelchair bound.  Our Doctors of Physical Therapy, Physical Therapists Assistants, and Personal Trainers are able to apply their rigorous training for a program tailored to your specific needs and goals. 

Core Stix

Core Stix is used for Performance Training

Professional Athletic Trainers • Celebrity Trainers • NFL Players • NHL Players

UFC Fighters • Pro Boxers • Olympic Athletes

Core Stix

Core Stix for Rehabilitation

Fall Risk Reduction • Balance Training • Core Strength Training • Functional Training

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