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World Class Polo Player

Having been a former professional beach volleyball player and now starting a career in polo and horseback riding, I know the importance of cross-training and strengthening to help maintain health and alignment in the body.  After years of searching for a healthy form of cross-training to my athletic endeavors, I finally took my first private Pilates class with Bonnie.  Immediately following this class, I thought, “Where have Bonnie and Pilates been all of my life?”  As I have continued to work with her, I have noticed that my polo game has improved significantly.  Additionally, my balance and stability when training and riding polo ponies has strengthened and I feel more as one with each horse as I travel up and down the field at 35 mph.  Bonnie is a true master with body and exercise mechanics and her breadth of knowledge in various athletic disciplines allows her to cater each exercise for each client’s needs.  Her ability to guide you through each movement is unparalleled to any body mechanics worker or athletic trainer I have worked with.  I feel truly grateful for every session I get to spend with Bonnie and I know my bones and muscles are also thankful. – MG

Synergy Health & Wellness
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I was treated at Synergy for two months for a painful low back strain. It is a professionally run therapy center with extremely knowledgeable, well trained and educated staff where I received excellent one on one and I had a full recovery and am back at the jym. Moreover, they gave me instructions re doing at home stretching exercises to strengthen my core and corrected my at jym workout in order to exercise properly in order to prevent further injuries to other body parts. I’m 75 years old and I want to remain active as long as possible. I’m glad that I found them. Time for my stretches that they taught me.John Kelley
Synergy staff are excellent. I always feel better after my treatments and look forward to my next visit. I especially enjoy their air treadmill!
Bonnie is a fantastic Pilates teacher! She is caring, attentive, and very knowledgeable. She takes the time to get to know her students and their individual needs, and she tailors her classes accordingly. She is also very good at explaining the exercises and providing feedback in a way that is easy to understand.
I don't have the right words to express how much I love Synergy at Jupiter. The staff is super friendly and helpful. Betsy is the best physical therapist I have ever have. Her knowledge is beyond what I have seen in the past. She has been helping me with my complicated shoulder injury and I cannot be more grateful to have found this place and to be working with Betsy. 100% recommended.
Absolutely LOVE Synergy and my physical therapist, Betsy. She is guiding me through PT following rotator cuff surgery and I am so happy with her knowledge and the way she has customized my PT so that I am progressing even faster than I ever expected. Betsy is the "go to" for shoulder rehab. Nice clean and friendly facility. My highest recommendation!! I'd give more than five stars if I could.
Betsy is very knowledgeable and tailors your needs to what is allowable and prescribed by your doctor. Appointments are kept and there is very little waiting if any. Since range of motion is essential and a desired outcome, you soon learn to trust that Betsy will be conscious of your personal limitations. I would not hesitate to recommend Betsy for any shoulder injuries or post-surgery therapy.
About four months ago, I began my first Pilates class ever with Bonnie at Synergy. Bonnie is extremely knowledgeable and attentive to each class member and their unique situations/needs. I typically take 3 classes/week whenever possible and I highly recommend.
Dr.Robert is the best of the best. He takes time to evaluate the situation and then create a treatment plan for success. This a cutting edge program. Their goal is to make sure the client achieves success! They are A#1! I have had a very positive experience and highly recommend them!!
Synergy is the best! From Robert to Amy to Kim at the front desk. They are on top of it with great reminders as well for each appointment. I had horrible neck and shoulder pain from a car accident. I was attended to with such professionalism and care and they really helped me. I am feeling great!
I received several weeks of physical therapy treatment at Synergy Health & Wellness for total knee replacement surgery. I was extremely impressed with the professionalism and caring attitude of all the staff during my therapy sessions. The care and attention I received PT, MPT Keri Cook was exceptional. Her knowledge and patient attitude was greatly appreciated during this recovery process. I will soon be scheduled for total knee replacement for my other knee and I will be scheduling my out-patient therapy with Synergy Health @ Wellness.
When you combine professional competence with genuine friendliness, you have achieved a level of admirable excellence.So it is with Dr. Voorhees and the Synergy H & W enterprise.Well deserved congratulations, indeed!
I recently received treatment for lower back pain and balance issues at this physical therapy business, and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. The staff is incredibly well-qualified and genuinely caring, and they worked with me to create a personalized plan that truly addressed my needs. I was impressed with the array of equipment and tools available, including the innovative anti-gravity treadmill. Having tried several physical therapy firms over the last four years, I can confidently say that this one stands head and shoulders above the rest. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of top-notch physical therapy.
When you combine professional competence with genuine friendliness, you have achieved a level of admirable excellence.So it is with Dr. Voorhees and the Synergy H & W enterprise.Well deserved congratulations, indeed!
I went to Synergy Fitness several years ago and Dr. Voorhees and the staff were tremendously helpful and supportive. It's a very well-run facility: you get a lot of attention. They are good listeners and help you achieve your goals. I've relied for years on the exercises and strategies they taught me and have returned because I know I am in the best of hands. I recommend with the greatest enthusiasm.
The best PT experience I’ve ever had. Really knowledgeable therapist, excellent sessions. Kudos to Betsy for getting my shoulder back in shape after surgery.
The staff is amazing, from scheduling appointments to the personalized attention given for your recovery. Betsey has been my Physical Therapist and she is caring, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable.

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