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Spa Services for Relaxation

Kid Core at Synergy - Fun Fitness for the Athletic and Non-Athletic Adolescent

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Get to the Core of your Spine

Our licensed physical therapists are experts at treating neck and back problems following injury, pain management or surgery. Our treatments are non-invasive & conservative. We use manual therapy & core strengthening programs with pilates to safely lead you back to a painfree lifestyle. Live the life you imagine!

Oh My Aching Shoulder!

If your shoulder is keeping you awake at night, limiting your golf and tennis swing, or is making noises that you aren't accustomed to hearing, our shoulder therapy programs are for you. Using cutting edge techniques of ART, MFR, kinesiotaping & joint mobilization we can help. Don't accept pain as the norm!

Medicare Patients Welcome

Synergy Health and Wellness has been a participant in the Medicare Part B program for 15 years. You will never have any upfront costs, we submit all claims to Medicare, and you get to receive outstanding therapy services from our highly skilled team. Not sure if you have benefits remaining? Give us a call!

Can Acupuncture Help Me?

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine are used to treat a variety of conditions including but not limited to fertility issues, acute and chronic pain, & smoking cessation. Resolution of symptoms is the goal, not simply management of the symptoms. Some insurances cover treatment by our acupuncture physician.

What is Your Antioxidant Score

We are a distributor for Nuskin products, which promote anti-aging from the inside out. Utilizing a biophotonic scanner, we are able to advise you if you need to use or change your supplements. Click here to learn more about the skin products and vitamin products that are available to help you live a longer life!

Pilates Promotions!

We are so happy to have master pilates instructor Bonnie Hubscher leading our pilates classes at Synergy Health and Wellness. The first group class for new clients is always free and the first one-on-one class is always 50% off!* (*only one offer may be used by new clients)